The Oil Spot, eh?

James with Curator of Windsor Public Library
David Milani (left), Curator of the Automotive History Collection at the Windsor (Ontario) Public Library, accepts a complete set of Old Autos newspapers, presented on behalf of Old Autos by James Mays. (Photo: Deborah MacVicar)

You made it to The Oil Spot, eh?

You've just slipped onto the web site of automotive historian James C. Mays. It's a slick place to find his books and his articles on the subject on the history of antique cars, trucks and tractors. You can ask questions. If he knows the answer he'll share it. If not, he probably knows someone who does and can refer you.

Mays is a respected authority on collectable cars. His special area of expertise is the history of the Canadian auto industry. Whether it's one of the classics or Grandpa's Studebaker, This historian knows the past of many an old car.

He has written extensively on Ford of Canada and its products including Meteor, Monarch, Mercury, Lincoln as well as offerings from its German, French and British operations.  Click here to download FREE e-book.

Equally versed in General Motors Canada history, he has traced the stories of Chevrolet, Oakland and Pontiac, Oldsmobile, Buick, LaSalle and Cadillac. He has studied the Vauxhall and Envoy stories, too.

Having been conceived in a Nash—according to rumour--his true love is for the American Motors and its Nash and Hudson predecessors. He has written extensively on AMC Canada, Jeep and the Nash truck. He is well versed on the history of Chrysler as well.

The award-winning author has 32 books to his credit, including nine automotive histories. James enjoys speaking to groups and is part of the 150th birthday celebration of Henry Ford.

Hear James being interviewed on CBC Radio One.



Enjoy your visit.

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